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A Virtual Reality Forest Management / Education Tool

The Client
Winston Wiggins, Director of Idaho Department of State Lands

The Challenge
The State of Idaho owns forested trust lands in which 90% of harvest proceeds go to public schools. The challenge was to educate our stakeholders about the complex issues surrounding a well-managed forest. Our audience included teachers, school board members, state legislators, and other agency directors. We wanted them to be confident this investment was being managed with sustainable management practices.

The Approach
We knew the partners at the Northwest Natural Resource Group (NNRG) were creative thinkers and aggressive about getting the right results. We trusted their experience, communication skills, and background in natural resource issues. Through research and site visits, they wrote not only a history of the Floodwood Forest but a variety of vignettes describing the streams, wildlife, and fire patterns.

The Product Solution
NNRG then hired the right talent to create The Floodwood Forest – A Virtual Forest Management Tool. The result was an interactive web-based forest management tool with educational application far beyond Idaho. Viewers can go on an audio-visual tour of the Floodwood, learn the basics of forest management, and then apply that knowledge and watch the outcomes through real-life scenarios capture in time-lapse photography. View this project at

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