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Idaho is growing rapidly and, as a result, we are losing open space and critical wildlife habitat. While many of us recognize that loss, we don't really know much about where the most important habitat is on private land and which of the this private land is most in demand for devlopment. This project, completed for The Nature Conservancy.

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Invasive species unwanted plant or animals that cause economic or environmental harm — threaten our waterways, range and croplands plus animal and human health. They arrive in numerous ways, whether “hitchhiking” on our recreational vehicles, in shipments of shrubbery or by floating down a river. NNRG’s assessment of the problem in Idaho and strategic plan will allow the state to take the necessary actions for controlling invasive species

Idaho's Invasive Species Plan   Invasive Species Plan Executive Summary
Idaho Assessment                    Idaho Assessment Executive Summary
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Storing irrigation water, cleaning up the Snake River and creating wildlife habitat are all great goals! NNRG conceived a project to do all three, found the money for a local irrigation district and found the contractors to complete the job. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

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There is a strong possibility that sage or sharptailed grouse could be listed as "threatened" or "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act. If that were to happen, Idaho ranchers would likely see significant changes in their BLM or national forest grazing permits and could face allegations that the uses of their private land were illegally "taking" grouse. In order to both help make the cases that a listing of these birds is not needed and to offer some protection for ranchers if they were, NNRG helped the Southwest Idaho Local Working Group develop "candidate conservation agreement with assurances" for the planning area extending from Emmett to Cambridge. Here is the draft agreement.

Review Draft 1-19 ver.3.2

Sage grouse is not just an issue in Idaho. Throughout the West, ranchers, energy companies and other industries, public land management agencies and wildlife groups are committed to seeing that these birds remain an important part of the landscape. NNRG is helping to develop the "Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative", representing Idaho's interests in the national level effort. To learn more about this effort, visit www.sage-wise.com.

NNRG Welcomes Winston Wiggins

Winston Wiggins, until recently the Director, Idaho Department of Lands, has joined as a principal in Northwest Natural Resource Group, LLC, according to Joe Hinson, founding member of the firm.

“Winston brings a wealth of professional experience in forest management, real estate, grazing, minerals and governmental relations from his long career at the Department of Lands. We are excited about his relationship with our firm and the additional expertise we can offer our clients,” noted Hinson.

From 2001-2006, Wiggins was the Director of the Idaho Department of Lands, a constitutional department managed by the Board of Land Commissioners, the five top statewide elected officials in Idaho and chaired by the Governor. The Department has nearly 300 employees and oversees the management of 2.5 million acres of lands held in trust for the benefit of public schools and other institutions. These lands are managed for timber, grazing and real estate development.

Prior to being named Director, Wiggins was employed in positions of increasing responsibility within the Department of Lands, dating back to 1969. He holds a Bachelor of Forest Management from the University of Montana plus and MBA from the University of Idaho.