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The Northwest Natural Resource Group (NNRG) works on a wide variety of projects with many different clients. Some of these projects are public information, like those below. If there is an example not listed that you would like to see, please contact us.

The Forest Legacy Program for Idaho An Assessment of Need: The NNRG designed an approach to evaluate environmentally sensitive forest lands in Idaho – helping the State of Idaho qualify for federal Forest Legacy Program funds to acquire conservation easements so these lands can be protected. The Assessment was approved by the Secretary of Agriculture and efforts are underway to implement the program. View the Assessment at

Idaho Wolf Conservation and Management Plan An Analysis of Public Comments: The State of Idaho proposed a Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to handle Idaho’s substantial wolf population once they are removed from the Endangered Species list. Over 110 comments were received on this highly controversial issue. This document summarizes and analyzes these comments for the Office of the Governor.

An Analysis of Timber Supply and Future Timber Markets For Southwestern Idaho Mill closures in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon have reduced the capacity from 263 MMBF to 45 MMBF. These capacity reductions and drops in log demands raise a number of questions for log sellers. This analysis answers these key questions by examining past trends, looking at future scenarios, and offering recommendations.

Beetles, Fire and a Sustainable Community Options for Managing the Elk City Township: This paper summarizes the vegetative, aquatic and socioeconomic status of the lands within the Township. It outlines the basis for work needed on BLM lands within the township to reduce the threat of wildfire posed by the dead timber and to salvage the timber that has either recently been killed or will be killed by the beetles.
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Water Quality, Quantity, and Anadromous Fish
Our efforts are increasingly focused on helping our clients find pro-active ways to meet their responsibilities under the ESA. While most of our work has been for the natural resource industries and agriculture, particularly the forest and livestock industries; we remain equally committed to maintaining fish and wildlife values. Our clients typically include both landowners and federal or state agencies seeking resolution to complex ESA issues. In Idaho, some of these issues inevitably include anadromous fish.

The Floodwood Forest A Virtual Forest Management Tool is the culmination of a multi-partnership effort. The project, an interactive web-based depiction of forest management practices, enables viewers to go on an audio-visual tour of the Floodwood Forest. We are in the process of creating the final phase of this project titled You Be the Manger. Go ahead; take a hike in the forest at

South Idaho Ground Squirrels How and Why Private Landowners Need to Keep Them Off the "Threatened" List" – Wildlife biologists believe the Southern Idaho ground squirrel have declined to the point of needing protection. About two years ago the species was listed as a "candidate" for listing as "threatened" or "endangered." Three environmental groups want to expedite the listing and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be under close scrutiny to justify any action delaying listing. It is possible to prevent a listing of this species through thoughtful habitat protection. And partnering with landowners as well as ensuring liability protection for participating landowners is key to the success of the strategy. This protection is accomplished through a "candidate conservation agreement," such as the one that Soulen Livestock entered into as a condition for that landowner’s acceptance of ground squirrels. A conservation agreement is a contract between a landowner and the federal government wherein the landowner agrees to actions that will contribute to the well being of a species and the government in turn agrees to hold the landowner harmless under the ESA, even if his normal practices actually "take" a small number of the species.

South Idaho Ground Squirrel

Invasive species unwanted plant or animals that cause economic or environmental harm — threaten our waterways, range and croplands plus animal and human health. They arrive in numerous ways, whether “hitchhiking” on our recreational vehicles, in shipments of shrubbery or by floating down a river. NNRG’s assessment of the problem in Idaho and strategic plan will allow the state to take the necessary actions for controlling invasive species

Idaho's Invasive Species Plan   Invasive Species Plan Executive Summary
Idaho Assessment                    Idaho Assessment Executive Summary

Presentation on Idaho's Plan

Storing irrigation water, cleaning up the Snake River and creating wildlife habitat are all great goals! NNRG conceived a project to do all three, found the money for a local irrigation district and found the contractors to complete the job. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Hog Creek Pictures    Phase I Wetlands Pictures

Is the Endangered Species Act a tough law? You bet! There are ways for landowners to minimize the risks that someone will allege that their practices are harming a listed species and to gain some protection under the law. Here is a PowerPoint lecture that Joe Hinson gave to a group of industry and agency executives explaining how that aspect of the law works.

ESA for Private Landowners

How much timber is available in southwest Idaho, what species and from what ownerships? NNRG’s answer, developed through sophisticated GIS analysis, paved the way for a major new sawmill in central Idaho that will harvest logs proven to be available in the southwest part of the state.

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