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The Northwest Natural Resource Group focuses on practical solutions to complex natural resource issues for landowners, businesses, local, state and federal agencies as well as conservation organizations. We give you professional, personalized advice and products every time including:
  • Research, Data Collection, Analysis and Recommendations
  • Innovative Approaches to Managing Endangered Species and Land
  • Project Development and Management
  • Communications and Negotiation
  • Policy Development and Analysis
  • Environmental Education

Recent Projects

  • Analysis of areas of developmental pressures versus conservation values
  • Development of a programmatic "candidate conservation agreement" for sage grouse in West Central Idaho
  • Helping with the development of the national level "Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative", which promises to bring new resources and coordination to activities needed to prevent the need to list sage grouse as "threatened" or "endangered"
  • Development of a comprehensive "Aquatic Nuisance Species" strategy for Idaho
  • Designing aquatic and multi-species Habitat Conservation Plans to minimize liability under the Endangered Species Act while enabling the species to thrive
  • Helped develop an "asset management" system for state lands
  • New approaches to such issues as the Forest Service potential national "roads policy," and the tie between forest health and water quality
  • Creating interactive CD and websites to visually explain natural resource management – forests, watersheds, fires, and wildlife
  • Designing regional timber supply and market analyses
  • Offering solutions to conflicts over recreational easements across private lands
  • Finding sources of funding for conservation projects
  • Exploring wood energy possibilities
  • Developing artificial wetlands to improve water quality and waterfowl habitat
  • Participating in assessments of the effectiveness of forestry "best management practices" and suggesting changes where needed
  • Developing a methodology for determining the value of timber on tribal trust lands
  • Creating a way to protect environmentally sensitive forest lands through the Assessment of Need and the Forest Legacy Program for Idaho
  • Completing a statewide assessment of invasive species in Idaho and a strategic plan plan for preventing and managing them
  • Analyzing public comments on the Idaho’s plans for wolf and grizzly bear conservation and management
  • Developing and helping implement a strategic plan to meet a new sawmill's timber needs, including a summary of all privately owned timber in the area
  • Completing "candidate conservation plans with assurances" that are a key factor in preventing an "endangered" designation for the Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel